Deling Machinery Specializes In Producing Hard Tooth Surface Gearboxes

Gear Transmission Characteristics of Gear Reducer and Working Conditions of Gear Oil

Gear Transmission Characteristics of Gear Reducer and Working Conditions of Gear Oil; The transmission efficiency of gears is high, and the transmission efficiency of general cylindrical gears can reach 98%. Compared with bearings, the equivalent curve radius of gears is small and the oil wedge condition is poor.



Cater to the Needs of the Times and Become the Main Line of Development

As we all know, the contribution of the floating population in provinces and autonomous regions in China to economic development is huge. However, in China, no matter the social system, policies, urban infrastructure, or the attitude of the residents in the places where they moved towards the floating population, they are not ready to accept this huge population. The pressure, various difficulties and problems faced by the floating population may damage their mental health, and the resulting disease burden cannot be ignored.



Demand for Reducers Will Release New Signals to More than One Million Industrial Layout

After experiencing long-term sharpening and development of the market, it has gradually evolved into a dominant force covering China's market, and the reducer has shown vitality that shocked the world. As the most core functional component of industrial robots, reducer accounts for about 33%-38% of the manufacturing cost of the whole robot. At present, the field of industrial robots is in the ascendant, the sales volume is rising steadily, and the potential demand for reducers is rising year by year.



Crane Recovery Soon Reducers Welcome Opportunities

In recent years, the downward pressure on domestic economic growth has increased, the pains of economic restructuring have intensified, and the internal and external demand situation is grim, posing great challenges to the construction machinery industry. The real estate industry, which is highly related to construction machinery, continues to decline, with engineering hoisting machinery bearing the brunt. According to statistics from the Construction Machinery Industry Association, the total sales volume of cranes in 2016 was 15,957 units, down 3,063 units from 2014 and 16.1% from the same period last year. Since 2012, it has continued to decline, with an average decline of more than 15%.




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